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  • Anglais DarkerMarket

    Misha Glenny

    In DarkMarket: CyberThieves, CyberCops and You, Misha Glenny plunged into the murky depths of the world's most notorious carder fraud site, DarkMarket. In this exclusive short eBook, he takes you even deeper into that world.

    In the realm of the cyberthief, your best friend can be your worst enemy, or worse still, undercover law enforcement. DarkerMarket follows the trail of the most elusive cyberthief of all, Lord Cyric. In doing so, Glenny unveils some of his investigative methods, explores new lines of inquiry and tries to untangle the web at the black heart of the internet. A specially written adjunct to DarkMarket, this ebook delves further into the most compelling crime story of the year.

  • In this powerful account, Misha Glenny takes us on a journey through the new world of international organised crime. He has travelled throughout the world - from Japan to China to Brazil to the USA and has spoken to countless gangsters, policemen and victims of organised crime while also exploring the ferocious consumer demand for drugs, trafficked women, illegal labour and arms across five continents.

    McMafia Brain Shot focuses on cybercrime in Brazil and people trafficking from China to Brazil, the UK and Europe and unpicks the nexus of crime, politics and money worldwide which have become entangled and interdependent in entirely novel forms since the 1980s. It argues that conventional policing methods are no longer appropriate to deal with a problem whose roots lie in global poverty and the ever widening divisions between rich and poor.

    BRAIN SHOTS: The byte-sized account of international crime and globalisation's dark side

  • Anglais DarkMarket

    Misha Glenny

    We live our lives online - banking, shopping, working, dating - but have we become complacent?

    Who's got your money?

    We share our personal details, our thoughts and movements with a faceless screen, with no real idea what lies behind it.

    Who's got your identity?

    DarkMarket exposes the shocking truth about what lurks behind our computers: an underground crime network that invades our privacy and threatens our security on a daily basis.

    Who's got your life?

    Glenny tracks down the key players - including criminals, national and international security experts, police, crack addicts, the Saudi Royal Family, and most importantly, victims - to reveal the true scale of this new global threat.

    Shortlisted for the Orwell Prize 2012

  • Anglais Nemesis

    Misha Glenny

    'Breaking Bad meets City of God' Roberto Saviano, author of GomorrahHUSBAND. This is the story of an ordinary man who became the king of the largest slum in Rio, the head of a drug cartel and Brazil's most notorious criminal. FATHER. A man who tried to bring welfare and justice to a playground of gang culture and destitution, while everyone around him drew guns and partied. DRUG LORD. It's a story of gold-hunters and evangelical pastors, bent police and rich-kid addicts, politicians and drug lords and the battle for the beautiful but damned city of Rio. MOST WANTED CRIMINAL.

  • Plongée fascinante dans l'empire de la Rocinha, Nem de Rocinha retrace l'ascension fulgurante et la chute vertigineuse du plus grand gangster brésilien. Ce livre cru sur les mécanismes du crime organisé raconte dans le détail comment des hommes et des femmes sont capables de survivre voire de prospérer dans les conditions les plus hostiles. Comment ils négocient l'étroite frontière entre la vie et la mort.