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  • Anglais We've lost MH 370

    Jean-Louis Baroux

    • Archipel
    • 5 Novembre 2020

    On 8 March 2014, a Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines took off at 0:41 a.m. from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Its destina- tion: Beijing. On board were 239 people. In the early morning, the airline announced that the aircraft had disappeared. The greatest mystery in the history of modern civil aviation had begun... What happened to flight MH 370? Was it shot down by a missile? Was it hijacked and its passengers put to sleep, and did it crash into the waters of the Indian Ocean after a long voyage? Through fiction, Jean-Louis Baroux, one of the best international aviation specialists, puts forward a totally new theory to explain this mystery: what if this crash resulted from a fight to the death between two airlines? Because he knows air transport operators so well, Jean-Louis Baroux has penned a suspense story pulling together adventures and espio- nage, money and honor. Detectives, secret agents, emirs, CEOs, pilots, air traffic controllers and insurers: all the actors of this little known world meet up in a dramatic and captivating face-off.

  • Who could have guessed that Lucius Altreis, in his personal vendetta against the pope, would enlist neo-Nazis searching for $3 billion of Heinrich Himmler's gold submerged in an Austrian lake ? Who could have imagined his crusade would lead him to kidnap top airline executives gathered in Cannes, France ? Is hostility between two of these world-leading execs on the verge of sparking catastrophe ?
    Altreis capitalizes on the rivalries and decadence of airline leaders to level an unprecedented threat against the Holy City.
    As an air transportation insider, author Jean-Louis Baroux pulls back the curtain on industry policy-making and internal debate. He vividly depicts the agonizing terror of major airline CEOs trapped on a plane headed straight for the dome of Saint Peter's.
    From the ruins of Berlin to Vatican treasures, with stops in Patagonia and Cannes' luxury hotels, this unrelenting thriller is a high-stakes game dealing in power and money.