• Si Stella Fortuna veut dire « bonne étoile », alors la vie a un drôle de sens de l'humour. Car dans la famille Fortuna, tous connaissent l'histoire de la belle et insolente Stella, qui a refusé d'apprendre à cuisiner, a juré de ne jamais se marier, et a surtout échappé plus d'une fois à une mort certaine. Depuis son enfance en Calabre, dans les années 1920, jusqu'à sa vie de femme en Amérique, son existence a mystérieusement plus d'une fois tourné au cauchemar. Mauvais oeil ? Ou chance incroyable ?
    Il faut croire que le destin de Stella était de vivre jusqu'à cent ans. Cent ans d'une vie de femme, de fille, de mère, de soeur fâchée, d'immigrée et de rebelle - cent ans de condition féminine, de cicatrices et de secrets de famille, entre deux continents.

  • 'You don't read this book, you live it' Erin Kelly I f Stella Fortuna means 'lucky star,' then life must have a funny sense of humour. Everybody in the Fortuna family knows the story of how the beautiful, fiercely independent Stella, who refused to learn to cook and who swore she would never marry, has escaped death time and time again. From her childhood in Italy, to her adulthood in America, death has seemed to pursue Stella. She has been burned, eviscerated and bludgeoned; she has choked, nearly fallen out of a window, and on one occasion, her life was only saved by a typo. However, even the best-known stories still have secrets to reveal . . . and even after a century, Stella's is no exception. No woman survives seven or eight deaths without a reason. So, how did she? In a tale which spans nine decades, two continents, and one family's darkest, deepest-buried truths, the answer awaits. . . _______________________________________ 'A sweeping story of immigration, family, betrayal and most importantly, one extraordinary woman. This book is gorgeous, harrowing and magical' Julie Cohen 'Fresh and intriguing' Sabine Durrant 'This is wonderful storytelling, seamlessly capturing the love and horror at the heart of family. Juliet Grames's novel . . . sits the reader down at a well-laden table, and offers a hugely satisfying feast. Delightful' Mick Herron 'A beautifully painted portrait, majestic and masterful; a very fine novel indeed' Laura Carlin

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