Multinational business finance (12e édition)

Anglais Multinational business finance (12e édition) (édition en anglais)

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This is a Pearson Global Edition. The Pearson Editorial team worked closely with educators around the world to include content especially relevant to students outside the United States.

For courses on International Finance.

Authoritative, comprehensive coverage of contemporary international finance.

Renowned for its authoritative, comprehensive coverage of contemporary international finance, this market-leading text trains the leaders of tomorrow's multinational enterprises to recognize and capitalize on the unique characteristics of global markets. Because the job of a manager is to make financial decisions that increase firm value, the authors have embedded real-world mini-cases throughout to apply chapter concepts to the types of situations managers of multinational firms face.

In the twelfth edition, Chapter 1 now includes a new mini-case «Porsche Changes Track», while the new Chapter 5 addresses the recent financial crises, providing an overview of the origins, dissemination, and repercussions of this credit crisis on the conduct of global business.


Part I: Global Environment.
Chapter 1: Globalization and the Multinational Enterprise.
Chapter 2: Financial Goals & Governance.
Chapter 3: The International Monetary System.
Chapter 4: The Balance of Payments.
Chapter 5: Current Multinational Financial Challenges: Crisis.

Part II: Foreign Exchange Theory and Markets.
Chapter 6: The Foreign Exchange Market.
Chapter 7: International Parity Conditions Appendix: Algebraic Primer to International Parity Conditions.
Chapter 8: Foreign Currency Derivatives Appendix: Currency Option Pricing Theory.
Chapter 9: Interest Rate and Cross Currency Swaps.
Chapter 10: Foreign Exchange Rate Determination & Forecasting.

Part III: Foreign Exchange Exposure.
Chapter 11: Transaction Exposure Appendix: Complex Options.
Chapter 12: Operating Exposure.
Chapter 13: Translation Exposure.

Part IV: Financing the Global Firm.
Chapter 14: The Global Cost and Availability of Capital.
Chapter 15: Sourcing Equity Globally.
Chapter 16: Sourcing Debt Globally.

Part V: Foreign Investment Decisions.
Chapter 17: International Portfolio Theory & Investment.
Chapter 18: Foreign Direct Investment Theory & Strategy.
Chapter 19: Multinational Capital Budgeting.

Part VI: Managing Multinational Operations.
Chapter 20: Multinational Tax Management.
Chapter 21: Working Capital Management.
Chapter 22: International Trade Finance.

Rayons : Entreprise, économie & droit > Entreprise, gestion et management > Fonctionnement / Organisation > Gestion financière

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