Dorchester terrace Dorchester terrace
Dorchester terrace Dorchester terrace

Anglais Dorchester terrace (édition en anglais)

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1896. Newly promoted to Head of Special Branch, Thomas Pitt is forced to face the danger his new position brings when he uncovers the work of a traitor in his department. Not knowing who to trust, he must unmask the conspirator, whist simultaneously protecting a suspected target, Austrian state visitor Duke Alois. Meanwhile, Victor Narraway is investigating the mysterious death of Serafina Monserrat. Once the holder of many sensitive, political secrets, Serafina had suffered from dementia in her later years and Narraway is unsure whether what he has uncovered is the confused ramblings of an old woman, or a catastrophic plot which could trigger a major international war. As the two investigations come ever closer it is clear that bluff and doublebluff are at play. When Pitt finally comes face to face with the suspected traitor will he, knowing the fate of the world is at stake, find the strength to stop the man by any means necessary?

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Anne Perry

Anne Perry, née en 1938 à Londres, est aujourd'hui célébrée dans de nombreux pays comme la reine du polar victorien grâce au succès de ses deux séries, les enquêtes du couple Charlotte et Thomas Pitt, et celles de l'inspecteur amnésique William Monk.