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Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere is a timely and inspiring call to arms by one of Britain's most acclaimed and important writers. Whilst recognising how far women have come in the hundred years since getting the vote, Jeanette Winterson also insists that we must all do much more if we are to achieve true gender equality. Examining recent women's rights movements, the worlds of politics, technology and social media and changes in the law, Winterson calls out all the ways in which women still face discrimination and disadvantage. Like the women who won the right to vote, we need to shout up, reach out, be courageous and finish the job. Also included in this volume is Emmeline Pankhurst's landmark Suffragette speech, 'Freedom or Death', which she delivered in 1913.

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Jeanette Winterson

Jeanette Winterson est née en 1959 à Manchester et a grandi dans le nord de la Grande-Bretagne. Elle relatera ces années de formation dans Les oranges ne sont pas les seuls fruits (L'Olivier, 2012). Traduite dans près de trente pays, elle connaît depuis Pourquoi être heureux quand on peut être normal ? (L'Olivier, 2012) un immense succès en France.